About me.


Liz Clark (Training Consultant) - has been involved in Personal Safety for over 15 years after having been a victim of a serious sexual assault and attempted rape. She is a renowned and respected Personal Safety Trainer and Consultant who specialises in Staff/Individual Personal Safety Awareness, Female Personal Safety Initiatives, and Personal Safety - Self Protection Training.


She is a qualified and certificated:


 Women’s Self Defence Consultant (Self Defence Federation)

 Personal Safety Instructor & Founder (Women’s Self Defence Ronin UK)

 Panel Consultant – Serious Sexual Offences (National Police Staff College, Bramshill)

 Personal Safety Consultant (Women’s Safety Forum LBE)

 Personal Safety Speaker (Independent Travellers World Shows)

 Personal Safety Expert Advisor to National Radio / Television Media Companies

 PR Consultant for the DVD release of Jodie Fosters film 2008 ‘The Brave One’

 Personal Safety Expert Advisor to International & National Written Media Companies

 Personal Safety Consultant / Trainer –SKY Television Documentary  -

 (“How Not To Die – Urban”  with ex-SAS soldier Chris Ryan)

 Chief Instructor’s Qualification (Choi Kwang Do)

 Chief Instructor’s Qualification (Dynamic Self Defence Association)

 2nd Degree Black Belt - Self Protection (New Breed)

 1st Degree Black Belt (Choi Kwang Do)

 1st Degree Black Belt & Chief Instructor (Dynamic Self Defence Association)

Author of various Personal Safety articles in International & National publications




Her expertise has been utilised by a variety of clients who include:


Metropolitan Police / Charity & Voluntary Organisations / Government Departments & Agencies / Education & Learning Councils / Hospitality Industries / Housing Associations / Media, Retail & Procurement Industries / NHS & Healthcare Teams / Recreation & Leisure Providers / Schools & Further Education Colleges / Security Organisations & Personal Security Specialists / Student Unions / Social Services, Welfare & Youth Organisations / Training Organisations / Utility Companies. Sure Stop Child Abuse Survivors



The training provided by our organisation is not only for females. We cater for all, men, women & children. We have male instructors who have many years of personal safety/martial arts/close protection training between them. 






Don't become another victim, another statistic, you owe it to yourself.


Are you ready?