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Sorry Liz if this is easier Stuart
Hi Liz, I am a training officer at the Chichester Foyer and we are a supported housing project under the umbrella of Homegroup. We have 60 residents among which 50% are young females aged between 17-24. These are vulnerable young ladies that have expressed an interest in self defense. We have had some incidents that I do not hat to go into detail, but just wondered whether yourself or a representative could come and chat and even demonstrate some of the techniques etc. I am looking into more breakaway training (ex Prison Tutor) for escape but open to suggestions. I cannot promise that you will get all 30 young ladies but interest and self-esteem and confidence grows quickly once we start the wheels in motion. If this is something you could do or advise on please contact me on 01243 778668 or 07587 555035 thank you for your time Stuart Bailey
I enjoy the efforts you have put in this, thanks for all the great posts.
Liz Clark is one of the UK's leading experts in female personal safety and I strongly recommend ladies to attend her courses if they get a chance. Keep up the great work LIz. Regards Jim
Hi Liz, as someone involved in self defence teaching for many years both in the military and in civilian life, I've recently been reaching out to others in the UK to ensure that the highest quality information possible is supplied to the people that need it. Voices like yours are important so if I can be of any assistance now or in the future please drop me a line - Regards, Dave Flaherty MBE.
Hey Liz, Keep up the good work! I learnt a lot from the Self Defence Session held at Middlesex University for staff and students and since then I have been promoting the good word and I hope you carry on with similar enthusiasm. Best wishes always, Jigns x
Having been involved in the protection business for some years and originally achieving martial arts Black 1st Dan in my teens I know how hard it is to train and achieve this. I am a person who despises men who take out their aggression on women, or gain some kind of perverted gratification by doing so. Therefore I endorse this site and express my admiration and professional gratitude for the hard work done to teach women how to protect themselves. Bob Curby Writer
Hi. I teach self defence in West Sussex and Surrey and I was looking for inspiration. Interesting to see that good websites have the same - if not very similar approach, to self defence. Best wishes.
Hi Liz Glad to see your still out there teaching. Hope you and the family are well. Best wishes to you all. Stuart
Hi, Just a quick note to mention that this is a good website, as I am thinking of starting a self protection class for women and I was wondering if you could contact me as I would like more information the better, thank you you can contact me through e- mail: or and my contact no: is on this contact site From Anita
Hello Liz, I run a small Tang Soo Do club in Doncaster and I have several lady members that are interested more in the reality of Personal Safety. The PS techniques within my syllabus are to-the-point but have to be kept within the parameters of an art that teaches the very young so you understand I have to be mindful of what I teach. I am wondering if you can let me know where I can get some free hand-outs, such as pamphlets,PS alarms, high-viz strips etc..etc. Kind regards.. Moira Lawson
Nice site, would be good to see more clips and tips etc for Ladies. Just an interested amateur practisng for many years. Wish more ladies would practise, i despair at the complacency sometimes. Best Wishes and good luck
Your program looks very interesting. If there is a possiblity we can exchange programs or ideas please let me know. I would be very interested in hearing from you. Damir Kulas President dmd Personal Defense Systems
Hi, GREAT website Liz - keep up the good work and all the very best, keep safe, Steve...